horror: you won't miss us, we sucked anyway (horrornights) wrote,
horror: you won't miss us, we sucked anyway


Tonight at Hellfire, The Cyberball Crew will be upstairs selling $25 tickets to Hellfire.

These are exculsively for Hellfire patrons - so please, come along, check out one of Sydney's best kinky nights out - and grab your tickets to what will be an amazing night of fetish, kink, bondage and dirty filthy sexy electro.

Cyberball - Friday, June 2 - Rogue's Nightclub
with dj's + performers Lanny K (Hellfire), Brother Pierce (Pharmacy, Vortex vs. Psychonaut - Melbourne), Venus (Horror, Kontrol), Etienne (Bloodlust, Scourge, Horror), Max Trauma (Corruption - Melbourne), The Electropunx (Horror, Boobytrap, Whamelectro), THE CYBERBURLESQUE and MANX & FREYA (a luscious exploration of aerial performance and bondage).

We hope to see you there. =)
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